Hose Master – Efficient and automatic hose maintenance

Hose Master is the world’s first fully automatic hose-care unit for fire hoses. Washing, test-pressurizing, drying, marking and coiling is performed simultaneously and automatically. The patented test-pressurizing technique acts in a limited pressure zone, which reduces water consumption and saves time.

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“Now we have more time for what’s important”

Since Vallentuna Fire Department invested in a Hose Master, the work environment for the operators has improved remarkably. More hoses can be washed, pressurized and dried in a shorter amount of time and under safer conditions, which means the fire fighters can focus on other assignments and drills.

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The forest fire of Västmanland

The fire of Västmanland was a forest fire that started in the summer of 2014 in the principality of Surahammar, Sweden. The fire devastaded an area of 13.800 ha and ruined or damaged 25 buildings. The emergency rescue was formally ended at September 11th, and the county board of Västmanland had an entirely different problem to solve – taking care of all the material used.

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“Firefighters’ work environment is what’s important”

During his 29 years as a firefighter, Per-Arne Fritjofsson felt that the process of washing, drying and pressurizing the hoses was unnecessarily long-winded, tough and at times even dangerous. In 2009 he built a prototype of a completely new technology in his garage, and thus the Hose Master was born.

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“Of course taking care of the hoses is important, but our expertise is best used for preventative work and emergencies. Hose Master quite simply lets us focus on what’s important”


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