“Firefighters’ work environment is what’s important”

During his 29 years as a firefighter, Per-Arne Fritjofsson felt that the process of washing, drying and pressurizing the hoses was unnecessarily long-winded, tough and at times even dangerous. In 2009 he built a prototype for a completely new technology in his garage, and thus the Hose Master was born.

“Sure, the new technology saves both time and money, but improving the work environment and the safety of the firefighters was what was most important to me”Per-Arne Fritjofsson

Per-Arne Fritjofsson was a product developer, and founder of Allgotech. He was the one who originally thought of the idea and the design of the Hose Master. Thanks to his long experience from the emergency services he knows just how hard and dangerous the job can be, with all the heavy lifting and poisonous substances.

“It’s not unusual with repetitive strain injuries and back problems among firefighters. On top of that a lot of toxic aerosols that are dangerous to inhale are released when we wash the hoses.”

Since the Hose Master washes and pressurizes the hoses using only 3 litres of water (compared to over 100 litres using old technology) waste and costs are kept to a minimum. But above all, the entire process is kept in a closed environment, which ensures that the operator isn’t exposed to foam residue or dangerous aerosols released during washing.

Over the years I worked at the station, I wanted to come up with a way to improve the situation for us firefighters. I was in charge of the hose workshop and washing, and I always had this feeling that we could do it easier, cheaper, simpler and safe. That way we could liberate more time for other important assignments, Per-Arne explains. I built a simple prototype in my garage with a short hose between two pairs of rollers. Then I filled the hose with water to make sure it didn’t leak.

The technology used in the Hose Master is constantly improving and evolving together with Allgotech’s clients. Per-Arne explains how the most important input since launch has come from the people actually using the machine on a daily basis.

The dialogue with our clients is extremely important to us. We evolve and update the Hose Master continuously after input from the firefighters washing the hoses. The conditions vary from station to station. We customize everything from small details like widening the doors a couple of centimetres, to bigger measures like changing the material used in the rollers.

The work with the Hose Master is an ongoing process. But Per-Arne never want to lose sight of what gave him the idea to begin with:

Work environment and safety. Those are my most important issues. The fact that it’s a faster, cheaper and more efficient way of working, that’s just a bonus.