About Allgotech


Allgotech is a Swedish research and development company mainly specialized in the fire rescue industry. We develop products, services and workflows that improve the operating environment and streamline work performed within this sector. Allgotech has developed the world’s most modern, efficient and environment friendly fully automatic hosewasher, Hose Master. It washes, pressure tests, dry and roll up fire hoses, as well as detect and mark the holes automatically. Hose Master is a Swedish product. The concept was developed and implemented regarding the Swedish concept of “Healthy fighters” in collaboration with Uppsala University, firefighters and leading hose manufacturer. Allgotech has its base in Katrineholm, Sweden.

Our environmental policy

Allgotech’s environmental policy is based on the principles of conducting our operations according to the present guidelines and requirements within each business area.

  • We are constantly developing our technology to adapt to current environmental requirements.
  • We encourage our suppliers and partners to adapt to current international guidelines.
  • We strive to reduce the usage of energy sources with high levels of carbon dioxide and other substances.
  • We strive towards using environmental friendly and recyclable materials in all our components.
  • We constantly work towards improving our impact on the environment through making our transports more effective.
  • We continuously evaluate our manufacturing processes, focusing on energy and environmental effects.
  • Our environmental work is constantly reviewed and improved.