Hose Master - Efficient, automatic hose maintenance

Hose Master is the world’s most modern automatic hose care equipment for fire hoses and symbolize a paradigm shift for the emergency services. It washes, pressure tests, detecting holes, dries, tag and rolls hoses together fully automatically, which saves enormous resources of civil protection.

The unit’s high capacity shortens operation time significantly and drastically reduces the need for large premises and peripheral equipment. Hose Master revolutionizes the handling of fire hoses after use. A whole series of key operational innovations reduces energy consumption and improves the working environment.

Hose Master’s basic concept is based on:

  • Create a better working environment (according to Healthy Firefighters).
  • Increase efficiency (supports up to 20 fire hoses per hour).
  • Reduce the environmental impact (consume minimal water and electricity)


Hose Master uses a patented test pressurization technique that is compatible with unlimited hose lengths. The machine automatically detects pressure drops and marks holes accordingly. A separate service side simplifies handling and allows flexible placement. Furthermore, the equipment is easy to move and can be placed against a wall or in a corner.


Hose Master™ is a sound economic investment; its operating costs are the lowest on the market. Operation time is significantly shortened while costs for premises and downtime are also cut. In addition, reduced time for service allows core functions to be prioritized. Further operational streamlining and even lower operating costs can be gained with a custom service contract. Our service organization offers flexible solutions worldwide for all types of end-users according to size, capacity and requirements.

Environmentally sound

A total water consumption of 5 liters per hose meets all new environmental requirements. What’s more, the whole process is performed within a closed system and the exhaust air acts like a fume hood to remove hazardous substances and aerosols. The operator’s working environment is improved; noise levels are lower, there are fewer working operations, and levels of work safety are raised to new heights. Ergonomics are developed for best possible handling and function.

Swedish Quality

Hose Master™ carries the hallmark of Swedish quality. All components and materials are carefully chosen and quality-assured. Manufacturing takes place in Sweden, using quality-certified assembly processes and sub-contractors. The simple and robust design means few moving components, which increases reliability. Hose Master is built and tested to function in the most demanding environments. Its high quality ensures a machine that will run for decades.

“Of course taking care of the hoses is important, but our expertise is best used for preventative work and emergencies. Hose Master quite simply lets us focus on what’s important”


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