“Now we have more time for what’s important”

The firefighters of the Swedish Emergency Services have a tough and physically challenging job with long working hours and heavy lifting. Despite the fact that the firefighters are fit, repetitive straining injuries are common. As resources become even more scarce and the demands on preventative work increases, available time and resting hours are shortened.

“Our job has become quicker, simpler and above all less strenuous thanks to the Hose Master”Thomas Karlsson at Vallentuna Fire Department

With the old technique hoses were washed and dried in long troughs. The hoses would be filled with over 100 litres of water to be pressurized and tested, water that would then simple be poured down the drain. On top of that the process was slow:

With our old hose care process one operator could wash, pressurize and dry around 10 hoses in three hours. The Hose Master allows a single operator to take care of around 20 hoses per hour, says Thomas.

Since Vallentuna Fire Department invested in a Hose Master, the work environment for the operators has improved remarkably. More hoses can be washed, pressurized and dried in a shorter amount of time and under safer conditions, which means the fire fighters can focus on other assignments and drills.

Of course taking care of the hoses is important, but our expertise is best used for preventative work and emergencies. Hose Master quite simply lets us focus on what’s important, says Thomas.