Hose Master – Efficient and automatic hose care

Hose Master is the world’s most modern fully automatic hose-care unit for fire hoses. Washing, test-pressurizing, hole detection, drying, hole marking and coiling is performed simultaneously and automatically. The patented test-pressurizing technique acts in a limited pressure zone, which reduces water consumption and saves time. » About Hose Master

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Hose Master – Instructionvideo

Overall video about Hose Master function
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“Firefighters’ work environment is what’s important”

Create a better working environment (according to Healthy Firefighters). Increase efficiency (supports up to 20 fire hoses per hour). Reduce the environmental impact (consume minimal water and electricity) » Read More    

“Of course taking care of the hoses is important, but our expertise is best used for preventative work and emergencies. Hose Master quite simply lets us focus on what’s important”


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