The Västmanland Forest Fire

The fire of Västmanland was a forest fire that started in the summer of 2014 in the principality of Surahammar, Sweden. The fire devastaded an area of 13.800 ha and ruined or damaged 25 buildings. The emergency rescue was formally ended at September 11th, and the county board of Västmanland had an entirely different problem to solve – taking care of all the material used.


During the fire fighting 2.300 people helped, airplanes dumped over 10 million litres of water and 600 miles of fire hoses were used. Hoses now covered in soot, foam residue and dangerous waste. The County Board rented a Hose Master that for three and a half months straight cleaned, pressurized, dried and rolled up hoses, to restore the hose depots as quickly as possible.

In three and a half months the Hose Master did something that would have taken a full year for the old technology to achieve.

It was critical for us to have a machine as efficient as the Hose Master while working. We couldn’t have done it with the old technology, says Magnus Anderson from the county board of Västmanland.

The restoration gave Allgotech invaluable input. They could confirm that their machine worked well under high pressure, while still being available to provide service or answer questions at all times.

It was a great test for us to see the Hose Master working so intensely, says Erik Ahlén, Allgotech. The circumstances were unusual and extreme, but we managed. We worked parallel to the County Board to streamline the process and to quicken the restoration of their depots.